Residents of a Knightswood street have been left scratching their heads after a SECOND bird of prey was spotted in the community in just under a week.

Last week, the Post reported the discovery of an eagle or Harris Hawk roaming around rampart avenue.

Thankfully, just days later, the Scottish SPCA confirmed to the Post the bird had been reunited with its owner.

However, it is understood that the latest sighting of a bird in the trees around Commore Drive on Wednesday night is NOT the same one as before.

Instead, the Post has been told the owner of the latest free-roaming hawk has been trying to track it down for two weeks. 

A local resident posted to Facebook: "Anyone lost their bird of prey???

"It's sitting in my tree watching the neighbour's pet rabbits that are in the garden.

"It keeps flying back and forth between my tree and's not wild as it has a leather strap attached to the leg."

The Scottish SPCA told the Post it couldn't comment as it had not received any new reports of a bird of prey in the area.