TWO cats at the SSPCAs rehoming centre in Dumbarton are looking for new homes as the charity reveals they are “nearing capacity” for felines.

It comes after the animal welfare charity said they’ve seen a 58% increase in cats arriving at their centres this year compared to last year.

One of the felines available for adoption is Coca, a tabby white female who was previously a stray cat.

Clydebank Post:

Coca, who is two-three years old, is looking for a “quiet and loving home.”

However, the young cat is not able to live with other cats or dogs, and she also would prefer a home with outdoor access.

Fellow fury friend Floki is also up for grabs for adoption at the centre.

He is a male cat, aged between three and five, and is ginger and white.

The “lovely” animal is looking for a “loving home”.

Clydebank Post:

The charity believes he wouldn’t be able to live with other cats or dogs and would need access to outdoor areas.

Anna O’Donnell, Scottish SPCA rehoming and fostering lead, said: “We are seeing a rise in cats coming into our care and we’d love anyone thinking about welcoming a cat into their home to consider rescuing an animal.

“We have such a variation of breeds, temperaments and ages that we’re confident we have a cat to suit most families!

“We’d also like to encourage anyone thinking about buying a kitten to consider adopting a young adult cat instead. They are just as playful and fun as a kitten but a little easier to take care of in a lot of ways.

“Sadly, we are seeing a rise in low-welfare kitten breading, similar to low-welfare puppy farming that already exists.

“Like puppies, kittens raised in a low-welfare environment are likely to have a host of medical and behavioural problems due to the poor conditions they are kept in.

“We’d urge people not to buy a kitten from these sellers and to come to us instead.

“Anyone interested in a cat can view and apply for some of the animals we currently have available for rehoming on our website.”