A SCOTSTOUN woman has told of her terror as her beloved pet dog was knocked down in front of her by a speeding driver.

Angela Kerr was returning home with her four-year-old English bulldog Lola at around 11am on Sunday when the playful pooch spotted a neighbour across the road and attempted to run over.

Clydebank Post: Angela and LolaAngela and Lola (Image: Angela Kerr)

Unfortunately, a white car travelling at speed down Danes Drive knocked Lola over, sending her across the street.

Angela told the Post she couldn’t look at first as she feared the worst.

Clydebank Post: Angela said Lola came away from the incident with a couple of broken teethAngela said Lola came away from the incident with a couple of broken teeth (Image: Angela Kerr)

She said: “We were out on our mid-morning walk and as we’ve come back to the house Lola spotted my partner at the door.

“We were going to pick up my wee boy from his granny’s so when we got to the gate she spotted him and thought ‘Nah don’t think so, you guys aren’t going out without me’.

“She managed to slip her lead and run around ten steps away from us and I was shouting ‘Lola get back here now’.

"She started toddling back but that’s when she saw the neighbour and went to sprint across the road.

“I was terrified, I had all sorts going through my head, the worst possible outcomes and I couldn’t look at first.

“It all happened so fast, I turned away and then my neighbour ran over and said ‘She’s fine’. She [Lola] ran over to me after it.

“My heart was pounding out of my chest, it was a horrible feeling. I got up to the house and saw the blood all over the floor and the walls from where she had been walking about.

“That’s when I was like ‘We need to get you to the vet’.”

Clydebank Post: The car that reportedly struck LolaThe car that reportedly struck Lola (Image: Angela Kerr)

Video footage appears to show the motorist continuing on down the street after striking Lola.

Angela explained that the person didn’t stop or turn back, or report the incident to police. 

She added that Lola has been “very, very lucky” as she did not break any bones during the impact and came away with a couple of broken teeth.

Angela added: “She is a bit perkier today, she’s still got a wee bit of a limp to her leg but apart from that she’s been very, very lucky.

“She broke a couple of teeth which she needs to go and get surgery to remove. When the vet checked her over they said nothing seems to have broken.

“She’s just a happy soul and wants to say hi to everybody but she’s never had road sense no matter how much we’ve tried to train her.

“That’s why she’s never ever off her lead but yesterday she slipped it and that happened, it’s just horrific.

“The driver didn’t break, didn’t stop, or turn back. They just continued on and I spoke to the police today and they’ve still not even reported it.

“They would have heard the thud. I know accidents do happen and I’m not blaming the person for knocking her down in the first place because, at the end of the day she did run out, however, they could have stopped so we could’ve made sure they were okay as well.”

Angela and her partner Paul are currently working to get hold of CCTV footage from the area at the time of the incident in the hopes of tracing the driver.