Skywatchers across Scotland are in for a treat tonight as the Buck Moon returns to our skies this July.

The Buck Moon, a type of supermoon, is a lunar event that sees the object appear brighter and much larger in our night sky.

The celestial occurrence is significant and is perhaps one of the most well-known supermoon events that take place.

Things to see in the sky in 2023

What is a Buck Moon as it becomes visible across Scotland?

A Buck Moon is a type of supermoon that takes place in July when new antlers grow rapidly on male dear (or bucks).

Deer lose their antlers each year with these growing back and reaching full size again by mid-summer.

When will the Buck Moon become visible across Scotland?

The Buck Moon is set to be visible across Scotland tonight (Monday, July 3) with this only being visible again next year.

This should be visible (if weather conditions allow) when the Sun sets and when the Moon is fully in the sky.

Light begins to fade at around 10pm on July 3, 2023.

What is the Met Office weather forecast as Buck Moon becomes visible across Scotland tonight?

Unfortunately, the weather today (July 3) is looking less favourable in Scotland and Northern England with spells of rain expected.

Met Office added that rain will continue across Northern Scotland with rain moving southwards, affecting those in the south of the country.

What are the supermoon events taking place in 2023?

Here are all the supermoon events taking place across Scotland in 2023:

  • July 3: Buck moon
  • August 1: Sturgeon moon
  • August 30: Blue moon
  • September 29: Harvest moon
  • October 28: Hunter’s moon
  • November 27: Beaver moon
  • December 26: Cold moon

The Buck Moon will be visible throughout July with many areas throughout Scotland able to see the amazing event.