AN eagle-eyed Bankie has spotted something that doesn't look quite right at a local train station.

Gregor Paterson was travelling through the town last night when he noticed a sign on the platform at Dalmuir which read 'Motherwell'.

It has since been reported that this was due to ongoing filming at the station.

An eyewitness told the Post they noticed "lots and lots of people" on platform two at around 10.30pm.

They said: "I was on the train and as we went through Dalmuir there were lots and lots of people in high visibility vests carrying equipment.

"There were also four to five police cars waiting at the station but nothing was secured.

"Someone next to me said there are cameramen so they must've been filming."

Local residents took to social media to share their thoughts on what is being filmed - and it could possibly involve a famous Bankie.

One person said: "I was coming home on the train and there were loads of police cars with their lights going and the platform was full of police.

"My daughter said there was filming going on."

A second added: "They are filming on Thursday and Friday between 9pm and 6am.

"It's a BBC drama called 'Night Sleeper' starring James Cosmo. Residents in our building got letters about it."