THE shaken owner of a Golden Labrador who was ruthlessly attacked believes the aggressive dogs who targeted her pup should be muzzled or put down.

Jacqueline Burns admits her pet Skye has been left reclusive and scared of other dogs since the incident outside the Lucky Break snooker hall on Saturday, June 24.

She claims she was unable to protect 10-year-old Skye during the frenzied two-minute attack due to being caught unaware and being in her mobility scooter when it happened.

And, speaking exclusively to the Clydebank Post about the distressing incident, Jacqueline explained her ‘timid’ lab just didn’t fight back and was lucky to escape serious injury.

She said: “Skye was shaking and down her right side there were three wet marks but luckily they didn’t break the skin.

“She’s now constantly looking about behind her when she is out.

“It’s a disgrace.”

Jacqueline revealed she has spoken to the police and West Dunbartonshire Council’s dog warden about the attack, which she claimed happened when she was overtaking the owner and two dogs.

The two dogs – both on leads as Jacqueline and Skye overtook them – began ‘barking, snarling, growling and lunging towards’ them, before eventually going into ‘attack mode’ and setting about pup Skye.

“I heard the owner shout ‘She’s loose’,” added Jacqueline.

“The owner struggled to get hold of the dog's lead but eventually did, but this attack has left Skye extremely nervous to go outside now all because this owner could not control these dogs.

“After explaining to my son what happened, it appears these dogs have previously gone for my dog before.”

Jacqueline added: “These dogs should be muzzled at all times.

“I don’t blame the dogs, that’s the thing, it’s the owners that’s the problem.

“They are clearly not socialised and it’s not fair on the dogs.

“But if they are constantly attacking dogs they need to be put to sleep.

“And I don’t like saying that, because God forbid anything happened to Skye.

“But if these dogs are aggressive and continually attacking dogs, then no I’m sorry, there needs to be a line drawn under it.”