A primary pupil who resettled in Clydebank after fleeing war has been credited as the brains behind a successful entry into a garden design competition.

Eela Haji designed the successful entry for Linnvale Primary School in this year's Pocket Garden contest and will now see her work line up in the final alongside other schools from around Scotland.

The primary six pupil and her classmates built their garden using old suitcases which celebrates the Haji family starting a new life in Scotland after leaving Syria during the war in 2016.

The suitcases represent them moving from Kurdistan, with the clapperboard representing a film Eela’s mother participated in which told their story of resettling in Linnvale and how they have found life in Clydebank.

Carol Guthrie, Eela’s teacher who entered her into the competition, told the Post the whole school is rooting for the youngster and her creation.

She said: “Eela's design is a lovely representation of her journey to Linnvale and the cultures and landscapes of Scotland and Syria.

“We are all very proud of Eela and hope everyone supports her design.

“We wish her all the success.”

The Pocket Garden competition is run by Keep Scotland Beautiful in partnership with the Garden for Life Forum.

The competition places emphasis on having wildlife-friendly and edible plants, so Eela and her class and other classes in the school were busy growing marigolds and sunflowers from seed for the competition.

The school say they were fortunate to receive many children from the first flight of Syrian refugees and admits Linnvale Primary has been transformed as a result, with many new families getting involved in school life.

To vote for Eela and Linnvale, visit the Keep Scotland Beautiful website here.