Clydebank residents have been instructed to run their cold tap amid reports of water problems in the area.

Scottish Water say they have been investigating a concern of 'cloudy or discoloured water' around the G81 area and they don't see any problems in terms of their operation.

However, they have pointed to what they call 'third-party works' in parts of Clydebank and hinted this could be the cause of the problem tapwater.

Speaking after being contacted by the Clydebank Post, a Scottish Water spokesperson said: "We have had one customer contact us to say their water is cloudy but we have not had any operational issues that may have caused it.

Apparently, there are third-party works nearby which can sometimes cause cloudy/discoloured water.

"If affected customers should gently run their cold kitchen tap until it runs clear but if problems persist then get in touch with us through the website or on 0800 0778 778."

One Bankie took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to report water at his property had been impacted, claiming the cause could be the nearby installation of broadband by City Fibre.

The Tweet read: "They've been making a total mess of all the pavements and so-called "tidy-up".

"Potentially messed up a water pipe?"

City Fibre have been approached for a response.