A KNIGHTSWOOD family has been left “utterly devastated” after their beloved pet dog was knocked down by a car.

Stacy Campbell said one of her kids had taken family pet Buddy, a golden Labradoodle, into the garden at their Shilford Avenue home shortly before 10pm on Sunday.

Clydebank Post: Buddy, one, is described as a playful, loving dogBuddy, one, is described as a playful, loving dog (Image: Marcus Campbell)

But the one-year-old pooch managed to escape after spotting a fox and made his way to nearby Dyke Road where he was sadly knocked down.

In the midst of all of the family’s distress, a stranger who has been hailed as “an absolute angel”, came to their aid.

The Campbells are now hoping to trace the woman to thank her for her support during what was a “traumatising” time.

Stacy said: “Buddy is now in intensive care. Last night when we left the vet it was at the point where they were telling us an option was to put Buddy to sleep but we decided against it and thankfully we did because he is still fighting.

“My husband was on his way home when this happened and he was a bit frantic. A woman stopped her car because she could see that my husband was distressed and got him in her car and brought him to the house.

“She took us to the vets to get Buddy there quicker. We can’t remember her name because of everything going on, she was genuinely a stranger.”

The kind-hearted woman drove the family from vet to vet as they desperately searched for the closest emergency clinic.

Eventually, Buddy was taken in at a veterinary practice on North Street in Glasgow where he currently remains.

He is currently being treated for fluid in his lungs as well as various other injuries including one lung not functioning properly, cuts to his back legs, cuts to his face, and blood coming from his nose and mouth.

Stacy added: “The woman was amazing. She was a bit distressed as we were really distressed because we didn’t know what was happening.

“We went from one vet to another, she drove us about until we got somewhere and then she came with us into the vet hospital with Buddy.

“She was an absolute angel. We went to see him today at the ICU and he’s doing well, he’s fighting and we just can’t believe it.

“Buddy is a playful, big kangaroo. We have five kids in the house and he is so gentle with them.

"He loves playing with them, he loves his dad, he’s just a big family dog. He’s just like a baby, he’s our baby. We are utterly devastated.”