A group of local campaigners are set to demo outside the Scottish Parliament as their fight against local authority budget cuts continues.

Members of West Dunbartonshire’s Joint Trade Union will travel through to Holyrood in Edinburgh on Thursday, May 11, to peacefully protest outside First Minister’s questions on the day.

Trade union member’s message of ‘Enough is Enough’, comes after the trade unions across the local authority area held a demo rally outside a full West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) meeting in March demanding they reject local government budget cuts.

WDC had to trim a raft of local services during the March 1 budget meeting in a bid to plug a £14.6m budget shortfall.

A spokesperson for the JTUC said: “This is a bold move from trade union members, many of whom have experienced austerity for years and can testify to its harsh reality.

“Cuts in West Dunbartonshire have been devastating and detrimental for our community who have suffered beyond measure.

“Our members care, they care about their jobs, their services and their community. Trade union members want to know that when they decide to go of their own volition that, they are leaving behind first-class public service jobs for the next generation.

“This will cost our members a day of annual leave however, it will also be remembered as the day that trade union members from a small local authority stood up to be counted and did something bold about their present and unfavourable circumstances.”

The group are also planning for another demo rally outside council HQ on Church Street, Dumbarton for Saturday, June 10.