IF you were anywhere near the O2 Academy in Glasgow last night you would have heard the warm reception that Aussie trio DMA’s received.

The rock band – composed of Johnny Took, Matt Mason, and Tommy O’Dell – returned to the city for the first time since releasing their fourth studio album ‘How Many Dreams?’ on March 31.

This was my third time seeing the group with the last just a couple of months ago at the Barrowland Ballroom – so I was curious to see what they would do differently this time.

The usual spark of electricity was in the air as the crowd packed into the sold-out venue, waiting in anticipation.

As the first couple of notes of ‘How Many Dreams?’ began to play there was a huge roar from the crowd which became even louder as the band came onto the stage.

This was a fitting way to kick off the gig and clearly, one appreciated by fans as the first song hadn’t even come to an end before there was another huge cheer.

It was refreshing that the group had chosen to open with their newer discography before delving into some of their older classics such as ‘The Glow’ and ‘Silver’.

Something that the Aussie band do well is crowd interaction particularly Johnny Took who spent much of the set on the edge of the stage.

Glasgow crowds are unmatched in their energy and passion for live music something which they were able to bounce off of the band.

During the chorus of ‘Silver’ fans clearly sang every word back with hundreds of torches lighting up the dark venue.

“Look to the sun with you” rang home as the trio looked out onto a sea of lights.

Pausing before ‘Something We Are Overcoming’ frontman Tommy O’Dell said: “We released a new album this month, thanks for listening to our new songs.

“Glasgow, come on!”

Wrapping the set up the Aussie trio played one of their older and probably most notable tracks ‘Lay Down’.

The guitar solo in this song will never get old for me and it was such an uplifting end to the concert – a real feel-good song.

The encore was also a nice mix of old and new songs with the final tune of the night coming from the group’s latest album.

Last night was the loudest I have ever heard of the crowd, which is a good reflection of how well the band played.

Receiving such a strong response from fans just a couple of months after their last stop in the city makes me think DMA's will be back soon.