The most popular baby names in West Dunbartonshire for 2022 have been revealed.

Ava was the top name for girls while Jack took first place for boys, according to The National Record of Scotland (NRS).

Meanwhile Luca took the fifth spot for boys in West Dunbartonshire and was also fifth place for the whole of Scotland.

Statisticians believe the jump could be influenced by Luca Bish appearing on Love Island.

The figures also confirmed that the name Jack is no longer the most popular boy name in Scotland, for the first time in 14 years.

Clydebank Post: Some of the most popular names were inspired by pop cultureSome of the most popular names were inspired by pop culture (Image: Colin Mearns)

Instead, it has been replaced with Noah with 373 baby boys given the name in 2022 and was second most popular in West Dunbartonshire.

For girls, the top name across the country is Olivia, which ranked seventh place in West Dunbartonshire.

Freya was the second most popular girl name in the area while Ivy and Charlotte came joint third place.

NRS Statistician Daniel Burns said: “NRS is happy to welcome all the new babies of 2022.

“Not one council area had both Olivia and Noah as the top names, despite them both being the most popular names in Scotland.

“A relative flood of Noah's in the last four years has saw the name leap from 8th to 1st.

“There are now so many more names in use, as parents aim for something more unusual, that it takes far fewer babies to share a name for it to be high up in the charts.

“Luca has climbed 20 places to land in 5th place for boys, moving into the top 10 for the first time. Possibly given a boost by Luca Bish appearing on Love Island.

“The name Maeve has been used in a couple of different TV shows and has grown in popularity over the past few years.”

He added: “Back in the 70s when David was the most popular name there were upwards of 1,700 babies a year with the top boys name.

“Since then fertility has declined, meaning there are fewer births, but with more names in use Noah can claim the top spot with 373 baby boys given the name in 2022.”

“The latest figures also reveal a rise in names relating to nature, with Violet, Daisy, Ivy, Wren, Dahlia, Primrose, Oakley and River all rising. Oakley and River rose for both boys and girls.”