A THUG told bouncers that he’d “punch their c***s” in after getting knocked back from a Wetherspoons pub.

Barry McCashin threatened to set his dog on the two members of staff in Glasgow on November 12, last year.

The 42-year-old from Clydebank later told cops he wanted to punch one of the bouncers “right in the beak”.

At 5.15pm, he turned up at The Crystal Palace in Glasgow city centre with his dog but was refused entry for being too drunk.

He then became aggressive and stated, “I’ll be getting in here no matter what. I’ll punch your c***s in and then get in”.

McCashin addressed the female bouncer and said: “You’re a lesbian, aren’t you, you’re a b***h”, before threatening to set his dog on them.

Police attended and McCashin was arrested outside the pub. Whilst in the police van, he threatened to return to “get them”.

He was taken to Govan police station.

Whilst being processed, he became abusive towards cops, stating “I’ll stick the nut in you, I’ll break your nose and there will be blood everywhere”.

Making reference to the female bouncer, he told cops “I just wanted to punch her right in the beak. This is because of that stupid lesbian b***h”.

He was held in custody to appear in court.

Just an hour before the incident, McCashin was also abusing ScotRail staff at Glasgow Central Station.

At 4pm, he was spotted coming down an escalator. He flashed a card at a customer service assistant, saying “I get free travel with that”.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court this week, prosecutor Jeremy O’Neill said: “The witness took an image of the card to seek clarification from her supervisor.

“She then asked the accused to speak to the duty manager, pointing in the direction of the office.

“The accused began to follow her around the area. She asked the accused to step away to allow other passengers to use the barrier system.

“He became abusive stating, ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about because you’re a f*****g idiot’.”

Another employee got involved and asked McCashin to leave, but he continued to pace back and forth, calling the customer service assistant a “f*****g idiot”.

Members of the public attempted to intervene to calm him down, but this angered him and he told them to shut up, before leaving.

Police were contacted but attempts to find him were unsuccessful.

He appeared in court charged with behaving in a threatening and abusive manner.

His lawyer said: “There is an explanation within the social work report. You’ll see from his record and the report that there’s a substantial alcohol problem.”

Sheriff Patricia Pryce revealed McCashin is already on a community payback order and is tagged.

The defence solicitor said: “The sheriff put him on that knowing about this outstanding case. He has taken that opportunity and ran with it.

“He’s not drinking, he’s in employment, he’s cooperating with alcohol services. I’ve known Mr McCashin for years and this is a first.”

Sheriff Pryce said he already has eight offences relating to threatening and abusive behaviour.

She ordered McCashin to do 200 hours of unpaid work and told him: “This is your chance. You take it or leave it. This is imposed as a direct alternative to custody.

“This is the first time you’ve been stable. Unpaid work allows you to pay back to the community following the appalling course of conduct that took place. A course of conduct on people in their working environment.

“How would you like to be abused in your working environment?

“If you don’t do it, it means I can impose a sentence and you may want to consider that.”