THE OWNER of a multi-award winning beauty salon in Scotstoun dubbed ‘the Ant and Dec of the beauty world’ has said it was always her dream to open the business.

Shari Dempsey, founder of Hidden Beauty, told the Post that she was inspired to open the salon on Methil Street after her younger sister began studying beauty at college.

The 42-year-old explained that going to work doesn’t feel like a job any more - as her team is made up entirely of family and friends.

Clydebank Post: The team at Hidden BeautyThe team at Hidden Beauty (Image: Shari Dempsey)

Shari said: “I’ve been in the industry since I was 18 years old and now I’m 42, so that’s 24 years of experience.

“I worked and managed various different salons throughout my career but when my younger sister went to college she wanted to do hair and makeup.

“It was always the dream that we would do something together. I own the salon and my sister Shannon, sister-in-law Jen, and two of my friends all work with me, so it’s all family and friends that run it.

“We wanted to create a nice, friendly environment for our clients as well as create somewhere refreshing for us to work.

“It’s our happy place to come into every day, it’s just an absolute dream.”

Hidden Beauty was officially opened in 2017 and went on to win an award – nail technician of the year (2017) at the Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards - in its first year.

Since then the Scotstoun glam squad has picked up numerous titles at awards shows across the industry with the latest going to Shari’s little sister Shannon.

Shannon, who has worked as a makeup artist for six years now, scooped the salon’s “biggest achievement yet” as she was awarded Best Makeup Salon at the Scottish Makeup Awards 2023.

Clydebank Post:

Shari added: “My wee sister won it [Best Makeup Salon award] so that’s really, really close to my heart.

“All of our clients nominated her, then it went to a public vote and Shannon had to collate evidence of her work.

“This was then judged by a panel. Not only do your clients vote for you but when it goes to the panel it’s evaluated by your peers so it’s a massive achievement. I’m delighted.

“We’ve also been nominated for another three awards at the upcoming Glasgow Business Awards in April, they just keep coming.

“We’ve been branded the Ant and Dec of the beauty world.”

The 42-year-old told the Post the key to success is a combination of a hardworking team and the support of their clients.

Following the pandemic and with the current cost of living crisis Shari said she feels “so lucky” to have the constant support of her regular clients who are more like family and friends now.

She said: “Working here is the best feeling in the world, it doesn’t even feel like work. Our clients aren’t even clients anymore they’re extended family and friends.

“I love what I do. Making a difference to someone whether that’s doing their nails or giving them a wee pick-me-up by doing their makeup makes you feel good.

“It’s a nice industry to be in, I’d recommend it to anyone. We love what we do and we love making people feel good about themselves.”

Shari and her team enjoy their jobs so much that they are looking to pass on their knowledge of the beauty world to local residents looking to take their first step into it.

Hidden Beauty is set to launch its own academy in the summer, with Shari and Tracey teaching all things glam including nails, tanning, makeup, and more.