The owner of a litter-cleaning dog in Clydebank says she hopes her pup can inspire locals to continue to take pride in their local environment.

Alanna Jackson’s five-year-old collie Trinny became famous recently when videos of the canine picking up litter and disposing of it in bins around Clydebank went viral.

Now, Alanna hopes her four-legged friend’s remarkable talent for tidying the streets of West Dunbartonshire can have an impact on those of us on two legs who sometimes forget to clean up after ourselves.

She told the Post: “During lockdown, there was such a good community spirit.

"Everyone was out litter picking, everyone was looking after their local area, and it’s been lost now that we have returned to normality after Covid.

“So just little things, just encouraging people to take pride in their local area, to clean up, anything you can do to encourage that is great.”

Alanna credits Trinny’s need to pick up unbinned litter to her “collie brain” and revealed her dog even gets ‘excited’ when she sees a bit of trash on the ground.

Alanna added: “If she has not got a toy, she is always constantly looking for attention, looking for things to do.

“When we are out in the park, she will pick up a bottle.

“From that, she has just been trained that if you can pick it up, you can put it in the bin, so we have got her now putting it in the bin.

“It took a little bit of practice, making sure she actually got it through, into the bin rather than just next to it, but using positive reinforcement, lots of praise, lots of treats, and now she gets really excited every time she sees a bit of litter.”

The pet and her owner have taken the newfound skills to many parts of West Dunbartonshire, with the canine gaining plaudits from passers-by who catch the pooch on her litter-busting patrol.

“Anywhere we are she just does it on autopilot now,” Alanna continued.

“She’s a model citizen. All the kids in the park all love seeing her doing it.

“When she is out walking, people are like ‘no way, can’t believe your dog did that, that’s fantastic, people can’t even do that.’

“If it can encourage other people to pick up a bit of litter on their walk and do the same, then fantastic."