A CLYDEBANK college has welcomed students from Cyprus as part of an exchange programme between their technical school and the Scottish learning hub.

Seventeen level one motor vehicle learners and two lecturers from Limassol arrived at West College at Queens Quay on March 6 with the aim to study new technology in the automotive industry.

Among the topics for investigation were an introduction to electric/hybrid vehicle technology in the West College workshop and looking at modern automotive diagnostic equipment used within the industry. 

While they are in Scotland, lecturer Peter Heywood has organised various enriching group excursions and experiences for the students.

He told the Post: "Because of where we situated they learned an awful lot about John Brown's shipyard that used to be here.

"They were interested in that.

"They are all delighted to be here and t learn. They are like sponges, they would just absorb anything you would tell them.

"They were very receptive to what we had to teach them.

"A lot of what they are getting here, they can't get at home.

"The industry is changing so much that the vast majority of cars being sold are hybrid electric, so they wanted to know a bit about that."

They were welcomed at Porsche Glasgow for a dealership tour which included looking at a selection of new and used Porsche and Ferrari vehicles and a tour of the repair workshop and paint shop, and even a souvenir mug, courtesy of the high-end car firm.

The group, who are all 16-years-old, also visited the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre to look at a range of electric/hybrid vehicles, including the charging infrastructure for at-home charging.

On Wednesday, March 8, Polestar Vehicles - an electric performance car brand - generously supplied a vehicle which was brought to the Clydebank campus for a demonstration. 

Clydebank Post: The students were in town to learn about electric vehiclesThe students were in town to learn about electric vehicles (Image: West College)

And the Cypriots continued their visit with a trip to the nearby Riverside Museum.

One student said: “We would all like to thank Peter and the staff at West College Scotland Clydebank Motor Vehicle for being hospitable and giving us an introduction to new electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell technology”

The College run a two-day IMI electric/hybrid level two/three course that has been designed for industry.

The aim of this class is to make technicians more aware of these vehicles. It also gives them the confidence to start working on this type of engine. 

On the final days of their trip this week, the group from Cyprus will take in more Scottish cultural tours and even face off against the lecturers in a light-hearted football match.