AS an era comes to an end there were high (high) hopes as Panic! At The Disco returned to Glasgow as part of their farewell tour.

Ahead of their opening number there was electricity in the air as a packed Hyrdro eagerly awaited American pop star Brendon Urie taking to the stage in the city for one last time. 


And he did not disappoint, entering the stage with a bang as both the stage and crowd lit up on his entrance.


Kicking things off the Las Vegas frontman delved into the bands older discography with likes of the legendary 'This is Gospel' and 'Miss Jackson' getting the crowd fired up.


The group gave an energetic performance putting their all into their final run of shows with Brendon Urie consistently hitting impressively high notes throughout. 


Moving from their older iconic numbers a quick outfit change signalled a switch to the group's latest album Viva Las Vengeance. 


Despite admittedly not knowing all of the tracks on this album the brightly coloured sets and incredible vocals - not to mention stunning orchestral breaks - made for an entertaining evening.  


And I wasn’t the only one feeling this way, as was evident with the countless torches lighting up the stadium.


The hugely talented musicians playing a range of instruments from the cello to the electric guitar need a special mention in my opinion as they were outstanding. The crowd hung on to their every note. 


For a band with a long-spanning career of 18 years it felt like a fitting way to go out. 


Interacting with the crowd as the concert drew to a close Brendon Urie told fans: “This is a special event, it feels like a party. I’m feeling a big multitude of gratitude.”


Not only were the fans impressed with the band but Brendon Urie said he'd never heard ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ sung so loud in his 18 years of touring. 


For me, it was worth the ten year wait.