As the rest of the country focuses on the race to replace Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister, we wondered what Bankies would do if they had the run of Clydebank.

Whether it is bringing back childhood entertainment venues or maybe the long-gone pub that many a good night was had in, fixing the roads or shopping in the town, locals didn’t disappoint when the Post recently posed the question on our Facebook page.

Bankies aren’t known for being shy, and over 200 comments later, we rounded up the top remarks to find out what you lot would do if you could govern Clydebank.

So, in no particular order, here are the top things you would do first if in charge of Clydebank....


Bringing back entertainment to Clydebank

Loads of you got in touch to say you would bring back more entertainment to Clydebank. Many called for the Megabowl to return as well as a snooker hall following the closure of Lucky Break.

A few even suggested they would bring back the Sunset Boulevard nightclub, fondly known locally as ‘the Boulie’ - which was located in the building now home to the Titan Hungry Horse on Great Western Road.

There were a few other suggestions to keep people busy, such as an ice rink, a roller disco, a trampoline park or an amusement arcade.

One contributor even said: “Open up the shopping centre as a late-night laser tag zone.”

Another said: “Actually let pub and club owners open clubs again. Try get Clydebank back to the way it used to be.”


A new look shopping centre

It is clear that for many Bankies, the Clyde Shopping Centre just isn’t doing it for them.

One wrote: “Demolish the shopping centre and build something decent, its like an empty pit of despair and the rent is way to much for what/where it is.

“No wonder it’s half empty.”

Another added: “Raze the shopping centre to the ground & let retailers into shops along Glasgow Road, Dumbarton Road & Kilbowie Road.”

A theme throughout was a mix of getting a new shopping centre, new investment into the current one and one even thought a new one down by the water would work.

They told us: “Build a marina with coffee shops, restaurants, fish grill, licensed cafes, children's play area and a sailing club.”

Nice idea.


Fix the roads

If there is one thing we hear about often at the Post is the state of Clydebank’s roads. And many of you shared your frustration at the state of local roads, whether it was to do with persistent potholes, parking or the new-look section of Dumbarton Road outside the town hall.

One thought: “Not a driver, but the amount of roads that are near useless due to parked cars is brutal.

“More public parking spots and more double yellow lines.”

Another resident continued: “Resurface the roads properly which includes dumping the cobblestones.”

Many said they would fix the potholes on both the roads and the pavements and said cobbles on the roads were ‘a waste of money.’


A tribute to Clydebank’s industrial past

A few of you want some form of way to remember the history and heritage of Clydebank’s industrial past, be it Singer’s or the famed shipyards.

One of the first comments to the Post even thought a new museum would be a good idea.

She said: “A museum to commemorate Singers and our shipbuilding heritage. We have so much to be proud of.”

This was backed up by another reader who said: “Give us a decent statue to celebrate our industrial past. Every other town has one.”


A tunnel under the Clyde?

One of the more imaginative responses we received was from a contributor who suggested Clydebank could become a hub for those using nearby Glasgow Airport, with the help of an interesting new road.

They wrote: “How about a tunnel under the Clyde that exits near the airport?

“Build accommodation to suit the modern day traveller and aircrew.

“It would be a really short commute.”

That idea would sit nicely with a few other posts, that suggested what Clydebank really needed was a new hotel to welcome visitors and tourism to the waterfront town.