A CLYDEBANK woman has told of her misery as her home has reportedly been plagued with flies for the last six months.

Sheena Macleod said the problem at her Northbank Place home started around August last year after she discovered the insects inside the cupboard where her boiler is stored.

Since then the flies have reportedly been found in every room of her council-owned home, with Mrs Macleod adding she feels as though “nothing is stopping them”.

The Clydebank resident claims West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) have been “messing her around” with the issue.

She said: “Pest control came out to the house and told me it was drain flies but said they weren’t going to do anything about it and told me to phone the council.

“The council have just been messing me around. Someone came out after nearly nine hours and said there was nothing wrong with the drains and that they’d been ‘called out for nothing’.

“They also said there could be something dead in the house like a mouse that is attracting the flies.

“I pay my rent and my council tax and yet I’m sitting in a dirty house. I’m so anxious about it, I’ve got doctors appointments and I don’t know if it’s just all of the stress from this situation.”

Mrs Macleod said she feels as though she is getting nowhere with the issue.

After contacting her housing officer at the start of January, she claims she was told “there was nothing they could do”.

Mrs Macleod added: “The council don’t care. Nothing is stopping it. When I was changing our duvet covers the other day a fly popped out of the duvet.

"They’re just everywhere.”

A WDC spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to hear this tenant is unhappy. Following a visit from environmental health officers, who identified drain flies, the repairs team attended on various occasions to first resolve a drain blockage within the kitchen as well as ensuring external drains were functioning well.

“We were unaware that the tenant had continued to experience this issue and would encourage her to contact us directly.”