A LINNVALE carer has hit out after seeing her street hit by what she describes as the worst flooding in her 23 years living at her home - as yet more floods hit the area this week.

Laura Buckley, who lives on Livingstone Street, has demanded action after years of flooding during periods of heavy rain.

She criticised the approach of West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) after a worker recently attended with an inflatable sandbag - the morning AFTER her street had flooded.

More than 250 people signed a petition launched by Linnvale Community Council in November demanding the council fix the drainage problem in the area.

Historically, the areas around Livingstone Street and Shinwell Avenue are particularly susceptible to overflowing drains and flooded roads following spells of heavy rain, with reports of floating bins, and carers and ambulances unable to attend to patients as a result of the surface water.

Mrs Buckley told the Post: “I feel as if everyone is passing the buck. I’ve spoken to SEPA and Scottish Water who have both said it’s a council problem.

“Somebody has got to be held accountable for it.

“This is the worst I’ve seen. It’s totally horrendous. Enough is enough.”

Mrs Buckley claimed the council recently forgot to properly prepare for forecast bad weather after a worker appeared with an inflatable sandbag the morning after her street had flooded.

“He said somebody was supposed to come out the previous night to put these out, and they’ve forgotten to do it”, she added.

At the last full meeting of WDC, in December, Councillor David McBride, who chairs the authority's influential infrastructure, regeneration and economic development committee, pledged that the council would take the lead in tackling the issue.

Colin Hay, from Linnvale Community Council, welcomed the action and insisted the reason for starting the petition was so it could present evidence to councillors he hopes can solve the drainage issue.

Mr Hay said: “It [the flooding problem] has been around for 25 years and keeps getting batted about, so it’s a positive step that West Dunbartonshire Council is taking ownership of it. I’m hoping this means we are on the right path.”

However, on Tuesday, there was more flooding in the area with residents reporting to the Post that the council had directed them to Scottish Water - saying the utility company was in charge of the drainage in the area.

Fellow Livingstone Street resident Adrienne Came, 79, whose husband suffers from health issues, said: I don’t see why we should have to go out and physically clean that up because it’s not our fault.”

A spokesperson for WDC said: “We are sorry to hear these residents have been impacted by flooding. This flooding is due to capacity within the combined drainage system in the Linnvale area, which is maintained by Scottish Water.

“Council officers attended at the scene as soon as they were made aware to provide flood mitigation measures, including sandbags.”

If you would like to add your voice to the Linnvale Community Group's petition, click the link here.