A DALMUIR dance school is set to dazzle on the global stage this week as they star in an international music video.

Pupils at April’s Street Feet have been hailed as superstars after it was revealed they’d be dancing alongside popstar Craig Eddie, the winner of The Voice 2021, in the music video for his latest single, Warning Signs.

The video was choreographed by April Stuart-Macrae, owner of April’s Street Feet, who told the Post she hadn’t realised just how big the music video was going to be.

Clydebank Post: Pupils at April's Street Feet in Dalmuir spent countless hours rehearsing for the music videoPupils at April's Street Feet in Dalmuir spent countless hours rehearsing for the music video (Image: April Stuart-Macrae)

April said: “We were performing at the Pride of Scotland Awards and this guy [Craig Eddie] was performing with them. He was the headlining act of the night.

“We were backstage with him and he was playing the guitar and the kids were all singing along - they all loved him.

“I was talking to his manager, who mentioned that he had a single coming out in the next few months, and I said ‘well, if you want someone to choreograph it you know where to go’.

“A few months later, so just a few weeks ago, I got a message saying that was the single getting ready for release and that they were wanting to move onto the music video - and would I still be interested in choreographing it and featuring the kids in it?

“I told them 'of course'. I was absolutely buzzing.

"I was told not to let anyone hear the song, and I started choreographing it with the kids. They were all getting really excited because they were going to be in this music video.

“Then I got a message from his management saying they’d filmed parts of the music video at a prison, and they didn’t think it would be appropriate to have the kids there, so we’d just leave it.

“Because I didn’t really know who it was, I told them 'that’s not on', and that the kids are all buzzing. I'd also put a lot of hours in choreographing it all, so they said we could maybe just use it as a secondary video with the lyrics.

“I asked them to have a look at what I’d been working on, and I sent them all of the videos of the choreography - and the producers came back saying it was amazing and they didn’t realise how much work we’d done.

“They said they spoke with the artist and he agreed that the kids need to be featured in the main video.”

Clydebank Post: The music video was filmed in ClydebankThe music video was filmed in Clydebank (Image: April Stuart-Macrae)

Craig’s management made the decision to film the entire music video at April’s studio in Dalmuir and to put local youngsters front and centre.

April explained that she hadn’t told the kids whose music video they’d be starring in ahead of filming, with all being revealed on the day.

As part of an agreement between the dance school and Craig’s management, April and all of the youngsters' parents had to sign disclaimer forms - which is when April discovered just how big the video was going to be.

The Knightswood resident added: “They [the kids] were absolutely buzzing when I told them.

"They didn’t know who it was for - all I told them at first was that it was a music video. They didn’t find out until the actual day that it was being filmed.

“They brought big lights, cameras, producers, managers etc and I thought ‘oh my God, this is a big deal’.

“We had to sign a disclaimer form, so I sent this around to all of the parents, and one of the mums came back and said ‘Craig Eddie? As in the guy who won The Voice?’.

"I was like ‘what?’ They were saying he’s massive, he was the winner of The Voice 2021 and he was back on this year as a guest.

"I thought 'he’s standing in my studio in Dalmuir', and I’m just looking at him realising this is huge.

“But you know what? I’m so glad that I didn’t know.

"I got on so well with them and they were so down to earth.

"I didn’t realise he was the winner of The Voice, I was talking to him as if he was my pal.

“We filmed it all that day - the footage was amazing. I just thought for someone so big, the winner of The Voice, to have kids from Clydebank dancing in their music video, having myself choreographing it, and filming it in Dalmuir - I just feel like it’s a good wee bit of news for the area.”

Choreographing the video took around two weeks of work with the kids spending up to four hours a day, nearly every day, at the studio.

April told the Post that the youngsters are “just flying at the moment” after winning the UDO World Championships earlier this year, now starring in an international music video, and with two upcoming sold-out shows at the Barrowlands in Glasgow.

She said: “They’re all superstars. It’s absolutely surreal and I’m just so, so proud because the kids are so humble.

"They are the most down-to-earth kids, but they are up doing superstar stuff, and they just take it in their stride.

“For a lot of them, the dance school is their wee sanctuary. My goal when I opened it was to give them opportunities like this, and I feel like we’re really starting to get somewhere now and put Clydebank on the map.

“The last song that Craig brought out was in the top ten, so if that happens again, this video could be played on MTV and those kinds of huge channels.

“Thinking about it, I’m speechless - and that’s not like me. I’m absolutely buzzing. It’s more a pride thing, because these kids are like my family.

“The kids work like total professionals. Craig’s mum came along to the filming, and when we started filming she started crying.

"She said she couldn’t believe the talent that the kids have. She was mesmerised by them.

“They’re so talented, but they are so hungry and determined. They’re in here pretty much every single day, and they love it. I think that’s why they’re doing so well.

“They’ve won the UDO Worlds, are starring in a music video, and have sold out the Barrowlands. There’s just no limit. They’re flying just now and I’m just so proud.

“We’ve even had congratulations from the UDO, which is a world-wide company, on being featured in the music video.”

‘Warning Signs’ is set to be released on Friday, December 2.