A FIGHT broke out during Kevin Bridges' Hydro gig in Glasgow for the third time. 

The Clydebank comedian was performing his Overdue Catch-Up show to crowds last night when a group of around 10 people started "clamouring and shouting", Glasgow World reports.

An eyewitness told the news outlet: "There was a big commotion down on the floor at one point.

"A crowd of about 10 people were clamouring and shouting.

"Kevin said something along the lines of ‘oh, god’s sake, not again, that’s the third one now, why can’t people just come out and enjoy themselves?’

"Everyone in the arena was peering over to get a look. The people were removed and the show went on."

Fans who attended the event also took to Twitter to share their thoughts. 

One person wrote: "Absolutely loved @kevinbridges86 tonight.

"Poor guy actually got up there tonight clearly loaded with the cold and another fight broke out at the end of our aisle."

A second person tweeted the comedian to say: "There was a f****** fight tonight during the last bit."

A third person added: "At least the fourth evening a fight has broken out at Kevin Bridges...wtf."

SEC confirmed that their team removed someone from the venue. 

An SEC spokesperson said: "The individual in question was removed as soon as our team became aware of the situation, as is standard practice."

This is the third incident of a person being removed from one of the funnyman's shows following a fight. 

We previously reported audience members had to be removed from shows Thursday, September 1, and Saturday, September 3. 

Police Scotland have been contacted for comment.