Analysing your Spotify music tastes is easier than ever with the many different sites dedicated to showing you your most obscure listening habits, the best songs for your star sign and even creating a pie chart of your music tastes.

Every year users of the app enjoy Spotify Wrapped, an annual review of your listening habits such as top artists, minutes listened and favourite artist. But if you can’t wait until December to jump into your song choices, then you need to try Stats For Spotify.

Clydebank Post: Stats For Spotify (Canva)Stats For Spotify (Canva)

What is Stats For Spotify?

The website allows you to analyse your favourite artist, songs and genres, and better yet, it allows you to filter each by 4 weeks, last 6 months and all time.

It even lists your recently played songs.

How to use Stats For Spotify?

To use the analysing tool, you just visit the webpage here and log in with your Spotify account to allow it to access your music.

The website says it updates the data approximately every day as well as allowing you to see how your habits have changed over time by the use of arrows to indicate changes in personal ranking.

It even allows you to create new Spotify playlists from your personal charts, so you can then listen in your app.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the website now to get your own Spotify stats.