Plans to create a permanent hot food takeaway near Dalmuir Park have been rejected by the council after an impassioned plea by a local resident.

The proposals for an extension to the existing Premier Store on Mountblow Road went before West Dunbartonshire Council’s planning committee on Wednesday, August 3, with an original recommendation to grant the bid.

The existing owners of the newsagents wanted to build a 212sqm addition to the shop to open a fast food takeaway outlet.

But the committee instead chose to turn down the plans following residents' fears of anti-social behaviour potentially caused by people congregating outside the premises.

A resident who lives across from the Premier Store told councillors she believed that disruptive behaviour surrounding the proposed takeaway would make the area a danger for everyone.

She said: “A few years ago, there was a burger van there and that didn’t work out well.

“That’s a park there (Dalmuir Park) where kids are going to that park, and they are having to step over alcoholics and drug addicts fighting and people congregating outside of it.”

The neighbour cited fears around littering and stated that she has already had to contact the police on 27 occasions in the last year due to incidents outside her home and that she had gathered nearly 80 signatures from the local community against the plans.

Ahead of the meeting, five local residents had voiced their concerns with the council on the official planning application, with one woman voicing her opposition due to worries about "odour, vermin, litter and anti-social behaviour".

Despite assurances from the applicant that they would look to install CCTV inside and outside the shop, as well as staff members’ commitment to pick up any litter left behind by customers in the area of the shop, the motion was rejected after Councillor Chris Pollock proposed refusal.

Cllr Pollock said: “Because of a lot of the different issues we have encountered, the anti-social behaviour, the parking, the foundations of the actual building.

“I believe it will be a negative development for the area.

“The over-provision of hot food in the area and many of the concerns the residents across the road have raised today.”

Cllr Dickson seconded the amendment for refusal, and, after a vote, it was confirmed the bid had been rejected.