Clydebank community groups and small charities are being given the chance to apply for a grant to help them in the battle to make Scotland tobacco-free by 2034.

ASH Scotland hopes the groups and small charities will use the £500 to cover salary, travel or material costs as it steps up its efforts the educate people about the harms of tobacco.

Scotland has a nationwide charter commitment to make the country a tobacco-free generation by 2034.

The aim is to protect children born since 2013 from tobacco so that when they start to turn 21 (from 2034), they will be tobacco-free and will come of age in a country that will remain tobacco-free for generations to come. 

Successful applicants for the grant money will have access to free expert advice, training and resources to increase their staff and volunteers’ knowledge of smoking issues, and assistance to create an action plan to deliver their charter pledges.

Sheila Duffy, chief executive of ASH Scotland, said: “As community groups are embedded in their local areas and their staff and volunteers are widely trusted, ASH Scotland recognises they have a vital role to play in improving the health and wellbeing of Bankies through helping to address the long-term threats of smoking tobacco.

“We are particularly encouraging applications for the support package and small grant from organisations in areas of multiple deprivation supporting people facing the most challenges to good health, including residents experiencing poverty, mental health problems, homelessness, young carers, or people who are care experienced.

“We invite local organisations across Clydebank committed to improving wellbeing in their communities to work with us to increase knowledge about tobacco, and the relatively quick benefits which giving up smoking brings such as improving mental health, and halving the risk of coronary heart disease within a year of stopping.”

For details about how to apply for the tailored support and small grant before the Monday, August 29 deadline, go to the ASH Scotland website or email: