A MASSIVE water fight was enjoyed by kids and adults last week as part of an open day event in Dalmuir.

The event was put on by Nemat Ahmad, 24, a medical student who arrived in Clydebank in 2001 and felt he wanted to give back to the community who helped him all those years ago.

There were also bouncy castles, a basketball hoop, football and performances by local groups at the site on Dumbarton Road, along with a barbecue to ensure everyone was fed after all the fun was done.

Nemat also launched a part-time car accessories business on the day but was quick to stress the purpose of the event was to help local residents and charities connect with each other.

Speaking to the Post ahead of Friday’s event, Nemat said: “We had quite a difficult upbringing and life was quite tough. We had to resort to going to food banks just to live. To us, this is our chance to give back to the community, the community that literally propped us up at such a difficult time.”