A FED-UP Faifley man has hit out at a big energy company after he says he’s been left with no money following a switch from paying his energy bills via direct debit to pay as you go.

Clark Findlay told the Post that he requested to make the move after losing his job at Quarriers in February.

The 45-year-old said that despite the fact he was told his direct debit account with OVO Energy had been closed it reportedly remains active with a credit of £735.31.

Clydebank Post: Clark Findlay [Photograph by Kiera Burns].Clark Findlay [Photograph by Kiera Burns].

Clark said: “While I was working at my previous job I was paying direct debit through them so it would come out of my account each month.

“When I lost my job back in February I phoned the energy company [OVO Energy] up and asked if I could go onto a smart metre, pay as you go, and they changed me over and changed the metres at the end of March.

“However, I kept my account and I still have an active account of £735.31 in credit so I phoned up at the end of May to request a refund and this is now nearly the end of July and I am still waiting on that cheque coming through.”

He said that he has struggled over the past few months as he transitioned from employment to unemployment, an issue made worse by the cost of living crisis.

Clark has now started a new job however, he will have to wait until the end of the month to receive his first paycheck.

He said that he has only just been able to get by paying his bills while on Universal Credit but has been left without enough money for food.

He added: “I’m annoyed. I’ve sat for the past few months waiting on this cheque.

“I’m on Universal Credit but there’s bill money, it’s to get me back to square one again.

“It’s money that I need. It’s frustrating because I’m struggling to get to work.

“I’ve got no money for shopping or anything like that and I know there is a cheque sitting there.

“When I’m at work I get a meal, so I’ve basically got to eat at work because I’ve got nothing in the house for eating because I’m still waiting on this coming through.”

Clydebank Post: [Photograph by Kiera Burns][Photograph by Kiera Burns]

The Bankie explained that waiting on this money coming through has not only had a “big impact” on his day-to-day life but also on his health.

He added: “It’s had a big impact on my health as I’m not eating properly.

“I live on my own and it is causing me a great deal of stress.

“I know that it has taken the company time to close my accounts but they have managed to put £174 into my bank account so I don’t see why they can’t put the rest of it in.”

Clark told the Post that he phoned OVO Energy on July 22 and was told that his cheque was still waiting to be approved.

Following an enquiry by the Post, Clark said OVO got in touch to say they would credit his account with £100 “as a goodwill gesture”, but it is understood that this does not meet the outstanding balance.

OVO Energy bought over SSE in January 2020.

An OVO spokesperson said: “We’ve apologised to Mr Findlay and can confirm his refund has been issued and we’ve offered a goodwill gesture for the inconvenience caused.”