Twitter users across the UK have been reporting issues accessing the social media platform.

According to Down Detector, issues on the social media platform started after 1pm for thousands of people.

Most reported problems are to do with accessing the Twitter app and website accounting for 48% and 49% of reported issues respectively. 

Meanwhile, only 3% of reports state issues with the feed. 

One user on Down Detector complained about error messages sent by the page, adding: "'Something went wrong. Try reloading.' Yeah, I’ve done that at least 50 times now."

Another added: "Twitter crashing."

Users have faced issue logging back into the app after the error booted them out of the site. 

Others have also been facing issues loading tweets on the social media platform with an error message reading 'Cannot Retrieve Tweets at This Time'. 

Twitter has yet to comment on outage. 

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