Scotland’s first and only underwater sniffer dog has retired after over a decade of service.

Barra, who lives in Luss with owner Iain Marshall, specialised in submerged victim recovery.

The springer spaniel, now aged 12, has spent 11 years working alongside police across the UK, but has mainly been based on the River Clyde.

Iain, who has 17 years of experience with the Coastguard, said Barra’s work has been instrumental in providing bereaved families with closure over the years.

He added: “I used to take part in a search and think, ‘well, what about the family?’.

“The searches would go on and on for weeks, and sometimes longer, before the body would come to the surface.

“The police go out and do their best, but they don’t always have the resources to continue the search. I thought we could maybe help and make that little bit of a difference.

“When we trained Barra at the start, we thought if we made one find then it would all be worth it.

“He ended up making his first find when he was still in training on the Clyde.”

Barra is retiring from his role due to mobility issues stemming from operations to remove a tumour from one of his back legs.

Iain said: “We did have him out on the boat last week doing a search, but his back end was giving him a bit of bother and his leg was shaking.

“We decided he’s done enough now. Normally, dogs retire about seven or eight years old – but Barra loved his job so much that he’s continued doing it.”

Iain will continue supporting search operations in any way he can for the time being, whilst also seeking out the right puppy to continue Barra’s work.

He added: “I’m looking into a pup at the moment, but it’ll need to be a good one to fill Barra’s boots.”