CLYDEBANK’S MSP has welcomed the publication of the first in a series of documents from the Scottish Government which show how Scotland in the UK compares to other similar-sized independent European nations.

Marie McNair said that she feels that this document shows that independence is “the right path for Scotland”.

The paper was released last week and is part of a “refreshed case for Scotland to become an independent country”.

It is titled ‘Independence in the Modern World’ and compares the experiences of independent states similar in size to Scotland against the performance of the UK.

Ms McNair added that earlier this year, the Scottish Government revealed that it annually spends nearly £3million in West Dunbartonshire, mitigating Westminster policies like the so-called bedroom tax.

She said: “Scotland has everything it takes to be a hugely successful nation – yet Westminster control has held us back while comparable countries of a similar size prosper.

“Independence gives Scotland the opportunity to fulfil its full potential to be a fairer, greener and more equal nation.

“To tackle the challenges we face in West Dunbartonshire, we need the full powers of a normal independent nation.”

The Post recently asked readers what they would do if a second Indyref was held tomorrow and how they would vote and why.

The responses received so far are varied however, the majority of Bankies who commented said that they would vote Yes.

Grace Shields said: “I would vote yes. I think it’s awful that as a country we have to go cap in hand to another country to get what we want.

“We keep getting landed with a Tory government that Scotland has overwhelmingly not voted for in years.”

Gary Keegan added: “My answer in 2014 was yes and my answer now is an even bigger yes. The vote on independence is not a vote for the SNP, the vote is for the future of Scotland and the futures of our children and grandchildren.”

Jackie Cumming explained that she would vote no, she said: “I’d vote no. Because we need to stay whole to get through the crisis we are facing.”

West Dunbartonshire’s MP Martin Docherty-Hughes has shown his support for the publication of the document saying it is “no surprise to see the Westminster parties running scared of the Scottish people deciding their own future”.