A HOUSING developer is moving forward with its plans for 99 new homes in Duntocher - even as council bosses appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

The widely opposed Duntiglennan Fields planning permission in principal (PPP) was rejected by West Dunbartonshire Council, granted by the Scottish Government, and upheld by the Court of Session.

Councillors then backed appealing to the Supreme Court, which has yet to decide if it will take up the case.

Last week, neighbours of the site were alarmed after they got formal notices about a new application for the site.

Barratt Homes, the developer, registered documents this month with specific details for their plans, despite the appeal. Called a "matters specified in conditions", it is classed as a new application, but is for the same development as the outline permission.

They said they tried to engage West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) last November but officials refused.

In their planning statement for the new application states: "It should be highlighted that the challenge to the determination of the appeal continues.

"However, as things stand, the PPP consent on the site is Ijye and as such, the applicant seeks to progress with their submission for the consideration of the detail of the proposed development."

Residents immediately started organising to object to the latest plan.

One told the Post: "We are alarmed that Barrett has submitted a second application for the same development.

"Only residents within 20 meters of the field have been notified yet we have less than two weeks to object to the plans which will affect the wider community.

"The most vociferous objection by the community was the permanent disruption those of us who use Farm Road daily will experience - not just during the development due to construction vehicles, but ongoing thereafter with the extra volume of cars due to the new houses, estimated to be another 200 cars.

"I really think this is a health and safety issue.

"The local community will be at risk if there is any further congestion on the road as ambulances, fire engines and police vehicles would have access difficulties slowing down their response times."

The new application could give extra opportunities for the developer to force the homes to go ahead.

Planning law heavily favours developers with opportunities to appeal to government ministers and the courts. Residents who oppose such plans have no such powers.

It is approaching a decade of councillors and residents fighting against development of the site.

An insider told the Post: "This will go to the August planning committee.

"This shouldn't be coming to the planning committee at this stage given the appeal.

"But if the council hadn't decided to bring it to committee, then Barratt could go to the Scottish Government to get approval.

"If the council didn't process this application, then it could again be granted by ministers on the basis of non-determination by the council.

"I suspect the recommendation from planners will be to refuse the application on the basis of it being contrary to the Local Development Plan and other material considerations such as traffic."

The application can be found on West Dunbartonshire Council's website by searching their planning portal for DC22/049/MSC.

A council spokeswoman said: "The council has asked the Supreme Court for permission to appeal the decision by the directorate for planning and environmental appeals to grant planning permission in principle for the residential development on Duntiglennan Fields."