COUNCIL bosses have hit back at a survey ranking them one of the worst in Scotland for value for taxpayers ... by making them responsible for services that aren’t theirs.

The ranking claimed West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) was seventh-worst in Scotland for “getting the worst return on council tax”.

They gave scores to local authorities for road maintenance, household waste recycling, schools, and care homes.

But they also gave Scotland scores for crime - where police are paid for through central government, not council tax.

And though WDC was ranked seventh-worst, its road score would see it beat a number of the best councils.

It’s the crime score, 0.65 out of 10, that brings the area down, along with a poor recycling rate. did not reply to a request for explanation of why it rated councils for services that aren’t paid for by council tax.

A council spokeswoman said: “We are committed to making our residents proud to call West Dunbartonshire home and the money collected through council tax is used to enhance our communities through improvements to schools and nurseries, roads, waste services, and recycling, and our town centres.

“We do not accept the conclusion of this study as it is based upon data which does not accurately reflect the way council tax money is used in West Dunbartonshire.”

Clackmannanshire, Stirling, and Renfrewshire were rated the three worst councils in Scotland in the survey.

Orkney, Shetland, and Angus were the top three, with Orkney given 10/10 scores for road maintenance and crime.

The website survey found at argued residents should compare their property valuation with neighbours, carry out a 1991 valuation check, and check if there are any council tax discounts, such as for being a student or being the sole adult.