A MAN who abducted his ex-lover and a three-year-old boy in her car and ordered her to take him to Aldi has been jailed for 36 months.

Vincent Canning pounced on Emma Leitch as she was driving the toddler from nursery in Glasgow's Drumchapel on October 28, 2021.

The 31-year-old produced a knife and told terrified Miss Leitch: "You have five seconds to drive away before I'll stab you."

Canning ordered sobbing Miss Leitch to "calm down" and bit her arm during the horror journey which ended at the supermarket.

Canning pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to abduction, possession of a knife in a public place, and breaching bail.

At a hearing on Wednesday, Sheriff Tony Kelly ordered Canning to be under supervision for nine months upon his release from prison.

The court earlier heard Miss Leitch was driving home from nursery when Canning pulled her over in the middle of the road.

He went into the front passenger seat while the child was in the back.

Canning denied drinking, despite smelling of alcohol, before producing the knife and making the threat to drive.

Miss Leitch initially drove to a B&M store, where Canning spat on her.

Prosecutor Lauren Donnelly said: "The victim was terrified, shaking, and thought she was going to be sick."

Canning initially left the car and Miss Leitch tried to drive away but he was able to get back in the car.

Miss Donnelly said: "Canning said they should go to an Aldi instead."

Miss Leitch was crying during the journey.

Miss Donnelly added: "He told her to calm down and bit her on the arm.

"She tried to get out of the car but Canning told her 'look at me, look at me' and grabbed her hand away when she tried to get other motorists' attention by flashing her lights."

Miss Leitch was able to leave the vehicle at the Aldi car park and approached another driver before mouthing "Police."

The trio went into the Aldi before police arrived and arrested Canning before finding a lockback knife in the passenger side of the vehicle.