A young footballer from Clydebank who is battling a serious bowel condition has been offered a chance to train at Championship club Swansea City.

Last week, the Post told the story of Aaron Hussey, 17, who was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in May, putting a pause on his promising goalkeeping progress where he has played for Clydebank and current club Maryhill FC.

Aaron and his dad Alan are set to complete a 22km walking challenge, starting at Holm Park this Saturday - and now the Swans have given the young Bankie their backing.

Former Rangers, Norwich City and Scotland international Russell Martin is now the head coach at Swansea and he sent Aaron a video message of support - revealing that he was diagnosed with the same condition more than a decade ago, and giving Aaron hope he can still achieve his dream of becoming a professional footballer.

Clydebank Post: Aaron Hussey pictured with his parents Marie and AlanAaron Hussey pictured with his parents Marie and Alan

In the video, Martin said: “I understand what you have been going through recently, mate, and I’m really sorry you have had to go through that.

“There is absolutely no shame in having it. No shame in the pain and tiredness and the accidents you might have.”

Martin, who has his own foundation, then invited Aaron down to Swansea for a training session when he is feeling better.

“We are going to have you down at Swansea if you guys are up for it at some point,” Martin added.

“To come down and watch a goalie training session, and hopefully you will be well enough to have a session with Deano our goalie coach as well.”

Aaron's dad Alan explained his son was chuffed with the message of support.

He said: "His face did light up when I showed him the message.

"If he gets off the blood thinners, then hopefully we are looking at the October school week to take Swansea up on their fabulous offer."

Aaron and his dad will set off on their walking challenge on Saturday from the home of Clydebank FC and head towards Hampden Park, before finishing up at Lochburn Park, home of Aaron’s current club Maryhill.

The walk is to raise awareness for those who suffer from Crohn’s and colitis, both known as “hidden” illnesses.