A Clydebank mum has told of how she found her calling to become a child and youth care worker.

Michelle Pollock previously worked as a property administrator for West Dunbartonshire Council but also volunteered with young people through a national mentoring programme in her spare time.

The 39-year-old quickly realised that she was passionate about working to help others and decided to apply for a training post with children's organisation Kibble.

The mum-of-two said: “I was nervous about applying initially, as I have two children and I wasn’t sure how the change in pace would affect them.

"However, the staff at Kibble have been hugely supportive throughout the entire process and I found the work-life balance was easily achievable, particularly as we were offered a study day through the week.

“I would say the role is a fantastic opportunity for parents, particularly as we have so much to offer.

"I already have that nurturing side to me and I think that resonates with the young people.

"I’m so proud to have achieved my HNC with Kibble’s support, it’s given me a real boost in confidence when I would never have believed I had the time or experience."

Michelle joined Kibble on one of its 12-month staff-in-training programmes, through which she gained an HNC in Social Services as well as in-depth work experience.

She has since completed the programme and is now a full-time child and youth care worker.

Michelle added: “Every day I learn more and more from both young people and my colleagues, but Kibble places a huge amount of emphasis on personal development.

"I’m excited to make the most of this and absorb all the information I can to become the best I can be.

“I have bonded with young people which has been a real highlight of my time here, particularly when I took part in a dance performance with the girls.

"We all shared great laughs and it is a memory we still talk about today."

Applications for Kibble's staff-in-training course are open now. 

Michelle explained that this programme is perfect for those looking to make a difference with young people.

She said: “I believe that you get what you give in life, and this is very true of this role.

"The type of person who would be well-suited to being a child and youth care worker would be someone who is caring, and willing to truly listen to our young people.

"Someone who wants to make a difference would do really well within Kibble.

"If this sounds like you, I would 100 per cent recommend you apply. It’s changed my life!”

Further information is available on Kibble's website HERE.