A WHITECROOK man attempted to force entry into his ex’s home – and then hid in a bedroom cupboard when he tried to see her a second time.

David Rankin, formerly of Dean Street, attempted to gain access into his former partner’s home in Gran Street by repeatedly kicking the door.

Procurator fiscal Daisy Bentley told the hearing that at 8pm on May 23 his ex heard a knock on the living room window.

At the time the blinds were closed but she heard Rankin shout “It’s David, I’m sorry, open the door”.

Ms Bentley said that Rankin threatened to begin shouting to “embarrass her in front of her neighbours to make her look bad” if she didn’t open the door.

He then began making sexual comments and began shouting that “everybody hated her [referring to ex partner]” before going to the back door and attempting to open it.

The victim put her weight to keep the door shut but the 49-year-old began kicking the door.

Then on January 26 Rankin attended the property again to see his ex, but police arrived later and found him hiding in the bedroom cupboard.

After he was cautioned and charged he replied “I’m going to go off my nut”.

At Dumbarton Sheriff Court on March 15, Scott Adair, defending said: “He has been in custody for this matter since January 27 and pleaded guilty straight away. The parties simply want to carry on their relationship. There has been some limited contact while he has been in custody.”

However when Sheriff Frances McCartney queried about a non-harassment order in place the court heard that fiscal depute confirmed with Rankin’s ex the day prior that she would like the order in place.

The sheriff sentenced him to 94 days in prison backdated to January 27, which means he is now released on bail with special condition as early release.

His special conditions are that he does not contact or attempt to contact his ex or visit her property.

Rankin was due to appear at court at the time the Post went to press in relation to a non-harassment order but he failed to appear and a warrant was granted for his arrest.