THERE will be no beacon lit in Clydebank to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee in June, councillors have decided.

A report by officials from West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) suggested the lighting of two beacons in the area to mark Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne – one at Dumbarton Castle and one on the Titan Crane.

But members of WDC’s culture committee decided on Monday that one beacon for the whole council area will be enough – and that it won’t be in Clydebank.

Instead the single beacon will be sited at Dumbarton Castle.

It will be lit on Thursday, June 2 as part of celebrations across the UK.

A range of other events will take place in the area to mark the anniversary, including a proclamation of the jubilee – also from Dumbarton Castle.

The committee’s chairman, Clydebank councillor Baillie Denis Agnew, told Monday’s meeting: “I know it is suggested that we light two beacons within West Dunbartonshire.

“As we have the castle in Dumbarton and the proclamation will be made from that castle, which is royal, I would say that one beacon would suffice.

“I think the gas beacon is right and proper but I think we should only have one.

“I mean no disrespect to the rest of West Dunbartonshire but we can’t keep on duplicating everything.”

The beacon, which will cost £490, will be stored away and kept for future occasions.

The local authority will use its own qualified gas fitters to construct and operate the beacon.

Council leader Jonathan McColl agreed with Bailie Agnew’s suggestion, saying he felt that the council shouldn’t need to duplicate everything across the are.

Councillor McColl said: “While I don’t have an issue with the recommendations as they are, I think what you are saying is perfectly sensible.

“One of the things I really dislike in the nearly 15 years I have been a councillor, is this need to duplicate things in each of the two main towns as somehow it is still two separate burghs.

“I am minded to support the suggestion of one beacon at Dumbarton Castle which is one of three royal castles in Scotland.”

The report prepared for Monday’s meeting set out three options for beacons – a bonfire, a brazier with a metal shield, and a reuseable beacon fuelled by bottled gas.

The last of the three was recommended for both cost and safety reasons.

Celebrations for the Queen’s platinum jubilee long weekend will take place from Thursday, June 2 until Sunday, June 4.

Other events in West Dunbartonshire to mark the occasion will include a ‘Big Jubilee Lunch’, preceded by a ‘Get Growing’ campaign in April and May; a Proms in the Park style event, at an as-yet-undecided park in the area, involving staff from the council’s instrumental music service; and an art and poetry competition and exhibition for schools and early learning centres.