Clydebank's MP has slammed Boris Johnson after the Prime Minister admitted that he attended a gathering in the garden at Downing Street during the first lockdown. 

The Prime Minister confirmed that he was at the event on May 20, 2020, but insisted he was under the impression that it was a "work event". 

Reports of two further alleged gatherings said to have been held at Downing Street on the night before Prince Philip's funeral in April, emerged yesterday.

These would have taken place during a time when indoor gatherings were banned under Covid regulations. 

Boris Johnson was not in attendance at the events in April, according to reports. 

A statement was issued on Friday announcing that Downing Street officials had apologised to their Buckingham Palace counterparts for the latter gatherings.

Martin Docherty-Hughes MP said the revelations will have his constituents questioning if they have been "made a fool of" and vowed he would give the Prime Minister "hell for this". 

He said: "I know I’m not the only person in Clydebank whose anger at these revelations is also mixed with a sinking feeling, as we realise what we always suspected about these Tories has turned out to be true – rules are for other people, and you only break them when you get caught. 

"It’s clear from closer examination of the Prime Minister’s words, too, that he doesn’t think personally he has done anything wrong – not only did he refuse to say 'sorry', it was an apology about the perception of wrongdoing. 

"This latest revelation has had people talking about the Queen at her husband’s funeral, respecting the law and setting an example.

"But I was also thinking of how many of my constituents were feeling, especially those who had contacted me over the pandemic: people whose lives have been irrevocably changed; who have followed the rules because they had no choice; and who will be rightly questioning why they’ve been made a fool of in this way.

"They can rest assured that I will be giving the Prime Minister hell for this, and won’t stop until we’ve seen the back of him and his ilk."

Bankies shared their thoughts on the reported gatherings on social media and told of what they were doing on the days they are said to have been held. 

One person said that they were working in a hospital and described the news as a "gross insult". 

They said: "I was working in the hospital during the day, and chairing a community housing meeting in the evening online via Teams.

"So many people at that time missed out on visiting loved ones, and waiting in queues outside to hand in belongings to loved ones.

"Meanwhile, the Tory Prime Minister seemed to be doing whatever he and his team wanted to do.

"It’s a gross insult to those that made real sacrifices, and this issue will not go away.

"Boris must resign, or the Tories 1922 Committee must force his resignation."

Another added that they were attending their baby's first scan alone due to Covid restrictions at the time. 

An inquiry into the events, headed by senior civil servant Sue Gray, is ongoing.