PEOPLE in Greater Glasgow and Clyde are being encouraged to seek support for their mental health. 

Those who need to speak to someone about how they're feeling can access a range of free, confidential sources of help and advice. 

Throughout January, Scottish Government campaigns will be running across TV and radio to support those experiencing mental health and wellbeing difficulties. 

The campaigns aim to help highlight help that is available, both online and over the phone, from organisations including Samaritans, Breathing Space, and SAMH as well as providing tips on how people can look after themselves.

Dr Alastair Cook, principal medical officer for mental health said anxiety, worry, and frustration are being felt by many, to varying degrees, and encouraged people to make the effort to keep in touch with others to help with feelings of stress and isolation. 

Dr Cook added: "The pandemic is continuing to affect all of our lives, and many are dealing with difficult feelings and emotions.

"It is so important to continue to prioritise mental health, particularly during times of uncertainty, and remember that you’re not alone in feeling this way.

"If you’re feeling low, overwhelmed, unable to sleep, struggling to get out of bed, or just not yourself, I’d encourage you to talk to someone about how you’re feeling as it can help lighten the load.

"It might be a friend, or family member initially, but organisations including Breathing Space and Samaritans can provide free, confidential advice over the phone.

"Support is there, so please reach out if you’re struggling. Visit NHS inform to find the support that’s right for you, or call NHS24 on 111 if you need more urgent help."

More information can be found on NHS Scotland's website.