The Clydebank Sea Cadets conducted their annual litter-pick on December 19, hoping to add a bit of Christmas cheer during these difficult times.

They hauled in a record of 12 bags of rubbish and had to stop their cadets from bagging more as it was time to get them home.

In addition to the cadets and volunteers, the group were helped by Andy Devine and Stuart Gray, who play a strong part in keeping the community green, as well as parent, Tommy Reynolds.

Asda’s Maryanne Scott made it a perfect day by giving the cadets a selection box each as a reward for all their hard work.

Clydebank’s Sea Cadets chairman, Peter Adams, said: “It was a perfect day, the cadets had fun and their smiles lifted the morale of those around as well the sight of them getting stuck to make their community a better place for everyone.”

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