A HARD-WORKING lollipop lady from Clydebank celebrated her 80th birthday this week – and she’s showing no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Robina Morgan, who lives in Dalmuir, has worked in a range of jobs over her life – including a long spell at Erskine nursing home as an auxilliary nurse.

The 80-year-old was forced into retirement when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, but has not let that stop her living life to the full.

Robina celebrated her 80th birthday on Tuesday, surrounded by members of her family.

Daughter Christine Scott said: “She was born in Clydebank in 1941 and has lived there her whole life.

“She started off in the Singer sewing machine factory and most recently, she spent 28 years working in the Erskine nursing home.

“Before that, she worked in a fishing shop for about 14 years.

“She was 78 when Covid-19 hit, so she was forced into retirement but stayed on as a bank nurse.

“When Covid hit, she had to isolate because of her age and hasn’t been back to Erskine.

“She now works as a lollipop lady in Dalmuir which she really enjoys.”

Robina, who came from a family of nine, has four daughters - Elaine, Julie and twins Caroline and Christine – as well as one son, Iain.

She also has nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Christine added: “She always kept very busy with the kids and the grandkids over the years.

“She goes swimming at the pool in Clydebank every day. She developed arthritis but she’s determined to keep doing her lollipop lady duties.”

Robina celebrated her birthday with a lunch alongside members of her family.