AT least three new homes could be developed at a site in Clydebank historically used as a dog kennels and poultry farm. 

A pre-planning application has been approved by members of the planning committee at West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) for the residential development on the grass field beside No.8 Cochno Holdings. 

A supporting statement made to the local authority indicates that the site could accommodate up to three or four homes which would include vehicle access to the site off Cochno Road. 

There are 11 objectors so far who have raised concerns on the grounds that the application is inconsistent with the local development plan.

They also say there would be an impact on road safety and residential amenity and that the new homes aren’t needed in the area because of house-building happening elsewhere in Clydebank.

Officials from WDC’s planning department recommended that the application for “planning permission in principle” should be granted.

But during a meeting of the committee on Wednesday, November 10, Clydebank councillor Diane Docherty, the local authority’s housing and communities convener, submitted a motion to refuse the application. 

She said: “The proposed development would be contrary to policy which restricts development on the green belt, which would have an adverse effect on the landscape character. 

“The use of the adjoining land for a new access road is considered unacceptable, and I have to agree with the comments that have been made here about this constant small incursion into these types of landscapes.

“People say that it is fine because it is only two or three houses. But who will be next to develop two or three houses?”

While some councillors agreed with her, others still wanted to see a full application before they made their final decision.

SNP councillor Ian Dickson said: “I am minded to approve this as an application in principle. Comments and concerns over privacy are a red herring at this stage.

“[The applicant] may just put one little bungalow here, for all we know, and that would be dealt with in a full application.

“I am happy to see that at a later date.”

Following a roll call vote, the application was approved by a majority.

A full application will now be brought before the committee in due course.