Clydebank residents were concerned as “spooky” illuminations lit up the autumn sky.

One local woman Gail Bain said: “It just looked very strange when we first saw them, I had no idea where they were coming from as they looked like the lights were coming downwards.

“I told my friend that it was aliens coming to get her as we were having a few drinks together.”

Another resident highlighted: “The same thing happened last year.”

And she wouldn’t be wrong, as GlasGLOW illuminates the sky for its annual Halloween light show at the Botanic Gardens.

The strange flashes in the night sky - captured by Gail in the video above sent Bankies on social media into a frenzy, with one thinking an alien invasion was in full swing.

As Halloween arrived, one woman said: “Spooky backdrop for the kids partying up the Cannon.”

One man joked: “Better call Ghostbusters.”

While another said: “Martians arriving for COP26”.

Clydebank Post: GlasGLOW's illuminations lit up the night sky as far away as ClydebankGlasGLOW's illuminations lit up the night sky as far away as Clydebank

Some eagle eyed locals, though, were quick to realise it was the popular light show.

A spokeswoman for GlasGLOW told the Post: “Yes it would have been us. “We’ve been lighting up the sky across Glasgow all this week as GlasGLOW kicks off at the Botanic Gardens. 

“It might not be a UFO but there are definitely strange goings on as toxic gloop takes over our fictional city of Glasglopolis! We need you to help us solve the mystery and help save our city!”

Tickets are still available at