A TOPLESS man decided to walk home from Dumbarton to Drumchapel at 5am then challenge police to a fight when they stopped him.

Sean Cairns, of Gorget Quadrant, Knightswood, appeared at court earlier this month after a string of crimes last year.

The 23-year-old previously pleaded guilty at Dumbarton Sheriff Court to acting in an aggressive manner towards officers while in Overburn Avenue, Dumbarton, on October 31, 2020.

He shouted, swore and uttered offensive remarks and made threats of violence – and failed to stop when he was asked.

Fiscal depute Rebecca Reid told the court that at about 5.40am on Hallowe’en, police were called by an anonymous member of the public about a disturbance.

Police found Cairns in the street, topless with a small injury to his head.

He shouted and swore in the road, waving his hands around and then challenging police to a fight.

Cairns made comments such as “f*** off” and “b*******”, and failed to stop when he was asked. He was arrested but not formally cautioned and charged because of his behaviour.

At the time he was on two separate bail orders from the court. One, from September 11, was when he was released after being charged with breaking bail conditions just two weeks earlier. Those conditions were the he not communicate with his ex partner or enter Montrose Street, Clydebank, but he entered a property there on September 10.

He had assaulted the ex on August 9, 2020, seized her on the body, struggled with her and pushed her to the ground, pushed her on the body and restrained her against a fence. It was an aggravated crime because it was against his ex.

Cairns admitted both the August 9 assault and September 10 breach.

At the court on October 8, Cairns’s defence solicitor said that during the Hallowe’en incident, his client had been at a party and everyone had been drinking.

“At some point he was set upon,” said the lawyer, linking it to “some geographic conflict”.

Cairns’s clothing was ripped and he was thrown out of the party.

His lawyer said: “He resolved to walk from Dumbarton to Drumchapel. When police arrived, he took it out on them, which he regrets.”

A progress report by social workers on Cairns’s existing community payback order (CPO) was mixed, said his lawyer. It said he was a “capable and likeable character”.

They recommend he get more time for the unpaid work and supervision beyond the existing 12 months.

The lawyer said: “I think he is finding it useful. This is ingrained behaviour he has seen throughout his whole childhood. He has not offended since being put on the CPO.

Sheriff John Hamilton extended the existing CPO, which was imposed in June, by 20 months. He added 75 hours of unpaid work for the October 31, 2020, offence.