Neighbours of the impending housing development at the top of Duntocher have hit out at the Court of Session’s decision to back the plan.

Residents have offered near unanimous opposition to repeated attempts to put new private homes on Duntiglennan Fields, with particular fears of the impact it will have on the already strained sole access from Farm Road.

Neighbour Harry Borthwick said there was a “great feeling of disappointment”.

He told the Post: “The SNP Scottish Government make great play that they would respect the rights and concerns of the local community and have just ignored their own manifesto promises. What’s new about that?

“I would challenge [Scottish Greens co-leader] Patrick Harvie to support some of the Green Party rhetoric and his influence in government to have this decision called in.

“There are many environmental issues being ignored. No public transport will be able to access the area in question which means more cars trying to negotiate the limited roads and resultant pollution from car exhausts.

“I was led to believe by the Greens that they were in favour of more development in towns with less reliance on car journeys.

“There is really only one winner here and that’s the developer who doesn’t really care about the community, more about profit. Hope they sleep well with that thought knowing the misery they are causing locally.”

Marion Henry said the decision against residents was “bound to happen” at some point.

She said: “God help us trying to get up Farm Road as it’s bad enough just now. Look how congested Hillend was when Farm Road was closed.”

And our readers on Facebook also waded in on the court’s decision.

Jen Colford wrote: “Outrageous that this ruling was passed. There’s no way the roads or the schools in Duntocher can cope with more houses.”

Helena CW Hamilton said: “Should be social housing. A new housing scheme could have been built up there. If anything, take some photos because before long that site will spread.”

And Zig Ziggiesden added: “We should not be building on anything other than reclaimed industrial land. Nuts.”

Barratt Homes welcomed the court’s ruling.

A spokesperson said: “We are delighted with the court decision for our site at Duntiglennan, Duntocher.

“Barratt Homes is keen to support the West Dunbartonshire area with a high quality development which will provide much needed new homes to meet an established local need, especially having received so many sales enquiries since our planning appeal was allowed in September 2020.

“We now look forward to progressing to the next stage of the planning process with our detailed housing designs.”