A CLYDEBANK local hero said it was an “honour” to attend the opening of the sixth session of the Scottish Parliament.

Sub-lieutenant Nadine Daly, of the Clydebank Sea Cadets, was hand-picked by Pam Gosal, Tory MSP for West Scotland, to join her for the opening, carried out by Queen Elizabeth.

Nadine showed great dedication to the young people in Clydebank that was exemplified during the Covid-19 pandemic when she ensured that their welfare was top priority.

Nadine said: “At Clydebank Sea Cadets we are a family so when the pandemic hit I naturally implemented a weekly wellbeing check in with our cadets, their families and our volunteers.

“My dedication stems from the joy I get in watching our cadets grow during their time with us into confident, resilient young leaders; however, it has been humbling to have my hard work and commitment recognised on such a scale.”

Ms Gosal praised Nadine’s community spirit, adding: “Nadine did so much for young people in Clydebank during the pandemic by supporting them during such a difficult time and looking out for their wellbeing.

“Nadine has never been to the Scottish Parliament before, so I was delighted that I could give Nadine the opportunity to come and visit, while being honoured for her fantastic work throughout the pandemic