MANY a teenager has set their heart on making a career in music and of forcing the world to sit up and take notice after signing their very first record deal.

But not everyone is still chasing after that dream - and seeing it become a reality - when they reach the age of almost 60.

That, though, is the happy situation in which Clydebank singer-songwriter Jim Byrne finds himself as he prepares for the release of his first solo EP as a fully signed artist later this month.

Jim, 59, is no stranger to working with some of the music industry’s big names: in a lifetime spent in the industry, he has written for such illustrious names such as jazz singer Carol King and Clydebank’s very own Marti Pellow, and as a stage performer has toured alongside the likes of Benny Gallagher, one half of Gallagher and Lyle.

Now Jim, who works as a web designer, will be releasing his first EP through Scottish recording company Fox Star Records.

Jim told the Post: “I put out many self-released records and I’ve been in bands over the years.

“I was thinking about putting out something else myself and getting a producer on board because I had all these songs I had written.”

Jim spent his teenage years playing in punk bands and many subsequent years playing in garage bands (most notably, The Primevals).

When he set out on a solo career in 2008, he picked up his acoustic guitar and headed towards the Americana genre.

Since then, he has self-released four critically-acclaimed solo albums - but this is the first time he’s actually been signed to a record label.

“The owner of Fox Star Records phoned up and asked what I was up to,” he continued.

“I’ve known him for quite a long time and I told him I would be putting something out shortly. He asked if he could hear the songs and phoned me back saying he’d love to put them out.

“It was just an accident really. It’s the first time I’ve been signed as a solo artist in my entire life which is exciting.”

The EP, called ‘4 Country & Folk Songs’, will be released on Friday, October 15.

Jim added: “I’m going to be holding a listening party online on October 24 on Facebook and anybody is welcome to tune in.

“I’ll be playing the songs and giving a bit of background on the meanings.

“I’m also hoping to do some online video recordings too.”

To to keep up to date with Jim’s music, and to find out how to be part of this month’s listening party, go to or visit his Twitter page at