More than 20 trees are to be cut down in Clydebank this winter in a bid to protect the public.

During West Dunbartonshire Council’s planning committee on Wednesday it was agreed that 16 lime trees, five sycamore and one silver birch should be felled on Bell Street, Edward Street, McGregor Street and White Street in Whitecrook.

The trees were all covered by a 1993 tree preservation order in the area but the local authority wanted to remove them because of pedestrian and road safety.

During the meeting councillors were informed that the trees occupied too much space making it difficult for pedestrians to walk on the footpath and residents to park their cars.

Following a site visit earlier in the week, members decided that the trees should be removed provided the work was done properly and the roots removed too. 

Labour councillor Lawrence O’Neil said: “It is very clear to see the level of conservation and the issue of accessing these houses.

“If we are felling the trees are we ensuring that we are completely removing the routes and resurfacing the pathways?

“Could we confirm that is the plan – fell the trees, remove the stumps and resurface the footpath?”

It was confirmed by a council officer that would take place and work would be carried out this winter season.

Baillie Dennis Agnew added: “My concern would be that there are a couple of other trees that have already been removed, but the stumps have been left.

“This is a tripping hazard and they are still causing problems on the kerbside.

“Trees are important when it comes to mitigating fumes, so I would suggest that when it comes to the replanting of trees, that they find suitable areas which won’t cause any future problems.”

Members agreed to fell the trees and added a condition to include the full removal of the stumps and roots and the full resurfacing of the affected footpaths to take place.