Dedicated volunteers at the Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre have been hard at work building five new raised beds for their garden.

As part of the third project provided by Volunteering Matters Action Earth Project the five community growers got to work building and painting their new beds in preparation for the new planting season.

June Mitchell, a volunteer at the centre, told the Post: “All 16 community growers started as novices, but the first of these now mentor and advise the newcomers about what grows well in the community growing zone at Heart of Scotstoun.

“This event gives local people the chance to find out about how we are improving our environment while promoting wellbeing through positive outdoor activity.

“What cannot be used by the community growers for personal consumption is cooked and eaten in the café, so this is truly a much-valued community enterprise.”

The volunteers are hoping to see a variety of colourful vegetables grow in the new beds, which will eventually be used to create delicious and healthy meals in the café for local residents.

The café is one of dozens of charities and groups to receive food from FareShare’s Glasgow distribution centre and feeds hundreds of people every week.

For more information about the work carried at the Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre visit their Facebook page.