A SWAN has been found dead near Clydebank’s shopping centre after it reportedly flew into the roof of a footbridge.

Two birds hit the structure in the incident on Wednesday, September 16.

The Scottish SPCA confirmed one swan died, though the other sustained no major injuries.

The charity’s animal rescue officer, Christopher Adams, told the Post: “We attended an incident by the Clyde Shopping Centre, after we believe two swans had flown in to the roof of the footbridge.

“One swan was sadly deceased on our arrival from the ordeal, and the council was contacted to remove the body.

“After a thorough examination with guidance from our specialist wildlife vet, the second swan was found to have no major injuries but a few superficial ones including some scrapes and bruising to his wing.

“We were advised that a broken wing cannot be treated and should the bird be taken to our wildlife hospital, he would just be isolated for rest.

“We were further advised that releasing him in a quiet nearby location would give the same rehabilitation, in his natural habitat, without putting him through the added trauma of travel to the centre.”

The canal swans and their cygnets have attracted many admiring looks – and made for plenty of pictures – from passers-by.

Mr Adams added: “Swans are born in the spring, grow up in the summer, and towards the autumn and winter can become competitive and territorial.

“This may have been why the swans made their way to this location.

“If you find an injured wild animal please contact our animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”